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What's In A Name?

“Bringing things to life in a an age where things are so digital, I think is more powerful…important than ever.” – Andrew Cramb

A few months ago, we launched a strategic outgrowth of Plus Foundry to highlight our dedicated focus on live events. As part of our planning process, we went through dozens of name ideas. Some we liked because of how they sounded, and others because of the idea they reflected, but none of them cut to the core of our transition. So we started thinking about what mattered most to our team. Why did we decide to leap into building live events? What did we hope this new direction would allow us to do?

Impact real life. Putting a personal twist on an internet acronym, we formed a name that felt completely aligned with our purpose. We wanted to create tangible impact in the real world – for our clients, our partners, and anyone who attended an experience we helped build. Not only did our name now directly express our mission, it served as a reminder as to why we are so passionate about events.

Our founder, Paul Conroy recently sat down with Andrew Cramb to discuss how our company evolved and why we feel more inspired than ever to impact real life.

Listen Here:

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